Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jaane Kyu Mein Tujhe Din Raat Sochta Hu..........

Jaane kyu mein tujhe din raat sochta hu,
Jaane kyu mein teri har baat sochta hu.........

Ye pagalpan hai ya pyar hein ye kaisa mujhpe khumar hai,
Harpal  hu tujhse meri mulakat sochta hu,
Jaane kyu mein tujhko din raat sochta hu,
Jaane kyu mein teri har baat sochta hu........

Tere khayalo mein khoye rehna mera kaam ab yhi hai,
Ye jaane se tu ke paagal dil ka paigam ab yhi hai, ha paigaam ab yhi hai,
Ho jaaye shaayad koi karaamat sochta hu,
Jaane kyu mein din raat sochta hu,
Jaane kyu mein teri har baat sochta hu..........

Milne ko aksar mile tu mujhse phir bhi hai fasle kyu,
Dil ko lagi ne banaye hai ye benaam silsile kyu,
Benaam silsile kyu,
Badalenge kaise ab ye haalat sochta hu,
Jaane kyu mein din raat sochta hu,
Jaane kyu mein teri har baat sochta hu............

P.S.- Lines dedicated by my husband during our courtship........ No words can I further say do this :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Don't blame her just empathize once........

Just say something, speak out what's there in your heart. Just say something, but there seems to be no reply from her, mute unresponsive like a dead leaf which will just be floating or will be dragged as per the wind. What will she say? What will she munch out? She knows out well, there's no one to understand. The soft inside weeping hard and harder and harder and the cover to it which when hitted, blasted upon shows no reaction. What's going inside no one knows.
There's something which can never be controlled, the future and she's trying to save that future not for herself but for everyone but no one will understand that. That she has been stuck by a mistake she had made to which she's not regretting for herself but for everyone. And if at all she breaks the silence, everyone will be in much much more pain then what they are in today.
She's being pinched, she's being thrashed, broken into pieces but she can not reply, she's strong headed with a paining heart, she will not reply. It's her mistake she fell in love, it's her mistake she made promises, it's her mistake that she can't live without that not so perfect person with whom she feels her life is perfect.......

{ Guys are always sympathized when a love story ends, where as a girl is considered as fake, kaha jaata hai jab pyar nibhana nhi ata toh karti kyu hai ya itni himmat nhi thi toh pyar kiya kyu? But no one realizes the trauma she goes through her whole life, how tough are those moments for her, before blaming a girl for a sad love story end don't be sympathetic but be empathetic at least.}

Monday, March 14, 2011

A Pause

" Tham sa gya hai, yeh waqt jaise,
Kisi ke liye thehra ho jaise........."
Life seems to be so similar with the song playing on MP3, looking outside windowsill, everything living outside seems to be moving, flying, gazing each other, just to move, run fast, faster and prove themselves to be the fastest.
But I'm still, it's getting difficult to run time faster, I just hope it went a bit fast if not fastest.
Oh Cmmon! now, this is what you wanted, didn't you, that time stopped running and you can breath for yourself, spend quality time with everyone, which you were not able to do from last 6 months, running after your career, office, clients and this damn market. And now you are out of this, you are more frustrating yourself about what next.
Good gracious, just find out what you want exactly???????????
What do we want exactly, has anybody thought of it, why we always remain unsatisfied with what we have and why can't we take life the way it comes to us.
Yes, I have stopped for a while and I need this. It's not that I'm feeling idle instead, it's just that people around me don't feel so that I'm doing nothing, more worried about others, their thought process.
Isn't this wrong, completely it is, no second opinion required. I really have got time for myself, to just stop and think what I'm, what I want, my needs, the gaps and the loopholes, it's an opportunity to fill the same.
Just read a small article today, heading, 'the Pause', saying how much a pause is important in a conversation, speech, meeting, presentation, cross selling etc.. and the same instant i realised , how much a pause is required in your life too, it's not that you have stopped completely.It's just that you are in an interval of your fast forward life, planning to move further in faster pace with more realistic and self satisfying targets.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Love Is In The Air

Read Read about it, heard about it, seen about it, never felt about it, and never wrote about it… Lots of opinions are made, quotes, stories, movies, it’s all over, it seems to be everywhere, and with th monsoon season around, seems love is in the air…

So much has been written on love, so I thought it would be my turn, to showcase something on this four letter word.

LOVE, what is it, a feeling, a emotion, if talked it in as a whole, it considers the parental love, sibling love, but I’m not talking about it, I’m talking about the romantic love, but what’s so different about it.

The difference I find about this emotion between two people is, that each relation has its own essence and meaning be it with you with your father, mother, sister, brother or friend but this relation includes each essence, it has a person who cares like a mother, supports like a father, fights like a sibling, enjoys with you like a friend, romances like a lover, respects you like your child and just be with you like your soul mate.

I don’t believe in love at first sight because two people can love each other from first sight, it requires an attachment, a bonding, a relation. It can be attraction or initiation at first sight but never love, basically it needs time, it’s sown by attraction, fertilized by friendship, grown by7 understanding and then it becomes strong enough to compromise and sacrifice happily even without realizing, and you are happy doing it.


Few lines read by me about love;

LOVE is when you compromise without realizing, when you act without thinking, when you smile without reason, when you cry but not for your own pain, when you check someone’s zodiac before yours, when you pray for someone before yourself. When you start seeking lonely moments, when you even a dead leaf touched by someone, when you save your pocket money to buy someone’s favorite thing, when you divide yourself in two halves and start seeing the other half in someone else.

I feel it’s something divide, celestial, which existed and still does and will continue to do so. Change is something which has not left love also but some aspects still don’t change.

A lifelong commitment might have changed to social status of falling in love again and again, it has become necessary to shout to the world that you are in love, something which is so delicate, so between you, can never be talked, never shown, it is visible without being spoken, without being heard.

Love is when you being in a group, might not hold each other’s hand, or not even sit together but your eyes still don’t lose a chance to just meet. It’s when after the age of 50 your husband finds anyone more beautiful than you. It’s when you are watched with same adoration at your ugliest. It’s when you love the each word sung for you though not in tune. It’s when your heartbeat increases watching a romantic song and you can’t imagining yourself with your partner and it just brings smile on your face.

HMMmmmm, this is love, but what is it for an girl or say for today’s world the girl who is single, who wants to mingle meaning wants to be with the perfect one. For her love is when she has someone in her dreams, for whom she can challenge the world. May be not Mr. Tall Dark Handsome but someone whose words are enough, whose every flaw she can overlook.

And when that girl falls in love, he becomes her world. She might never praise him at his face but at his back he’s cutest then shaahid and ranbir. And if that person leaves her life toh dil mein bus yhi tamannna hoti hai kash usse gale laga ke ro sakti.

प्यार न जाने क्या एहसास है,

दूर रहकर भी कोई दिल के पास है,

फिर भी क्यों उस से हर पल मिलने की आस है।

वो है तो ज़िन्दगी है साँस है,

हाथ थामे वो तो सब कुछ पाने का विश्वास है।

रूठ जाए वो तोह उसे मानाने का आगाज़ है,

झगड़ पड़े तो आसुओ की फिर जैसे बरसात है,

फिर गले लगा के मुस्कुरादे तो निहारने में फिर कोन बाज है।

प्यार वो सब से खूबसूरत एहसास है.........

Saturday, September 25, 2010



As in someone who u knows is u and only u. Not part of something else like an organization or a family, or अ community. Of course all that is imp., but there is a need of every woman has to be who she is. For that u need to take sum total of your wants and longings, of your success and failures ,of the secrets u shared n the ones u hide away, of the things u have done n those u wanted to do, of the things u know 1 day u will do, come what may. U must take the sum total of these n add to it the reading u have done, the learning u have done............ From books from life, n from those older than u n younger then u must put them all together n let them sit for months. Then take out the portion n examine it. Is it u?

Simply, individually u? Without prejudice, it is!


It could be god, baby or dog. It could be your creation or another’s. But in loving u will negate your ego will forget who u are, your wants, and needs, and all the other petty things that make u feel there is certain dissatisfaction in life. Love makes wonders happen, unconditional love makes miracles! And u will experience the miracle of ring that happens. Little wonder motherhood is so valued, but seriously, unconditional love can find an anchor anywhere.It's worth the experience.


Could be a hot piping dish, could be a poem, a baby, a thank card. Creation is something that takes u to next plane, however simple the product is the act of creating it is metaphysical, perfection. It is the act that brings u closest to god, as god was the first creator. Sounds complicated and very 'high funda'? Don’t believe us? Well, ask anyone who is making a meal, she will tell u that behind the stress is joy, the mind takes a pause from everything else as the senses delight in the aromas and the fingers touch and feel shapes and textures: ask a seamstress making a child's bib and she will tell u that every stitch brings her closer to a feeling of competition, of giving of herself.

Creating is easy; even a mud castle that u know the waves or the rain will wash away gives pure joy. And if u create or dedicate it to someone, well, that is ecstasy!


Grudges, insults that rankle, slights that unbelievable remark that hit home, u don’t need them. Life is too short to waste on these, and those who delivered the hurt r not worth remembering. Grudges grow into mountains that crush us under their weight, and let the notes take wing and float your grudge on it into the ether. U will feel lighter. And happier, and your heart will find space to do all the other things it can, happily and in a fulfilling manner.


Nothing is impossible. Climb that hill, walk that mile, find that song u always wanted to write, work, that acre, grow flower,(not in the farmville ok) plant trees, teach others(just guys like me) find your inner beat , your real rhyme...........Do what your heart tells u to do. It will make u happy; it will make others the happier for being around your happiness. No one needs to live in fetters, just, as the line goes, do it. Learn to fly, we all have our wings, if only we look hard enough, we will find them!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bidding bye to college life........

कुछ छूट रहा है,
जैसे दिल थोडा सा टूट रहा है,

आगे बढ़ते कदम कुछ निशा छोड़ रहे है ,
दम भरते अरमा नया आसमा ढूंढ रहे है,
पर दर्द है उन छूटते खुशाल लम्हों का,
बाहों में भरे उन आसुओ उन गमो का,

बीते लम्हे कुछ यादो का,
CCD में बिठाये उन पलों का,
उम्मीद से भरी उन आँखों का,
कॉलेज की सीढिया चढ़ती उन उखड्ती सासों का,
पोडियम को पकडे उन थरथराते हाथो का,
फ़ोन पे गोस्सिप करती उन बातो का,
GT पे चढ़ते उन कदमो का,
बीच बीच में आते रहते उन सदमो का,
जूनियर्स की मस्ती उस प्यार का,
छेड़ते चिढाते उस व्यवहार का,

अब छूट हा है साथ अब उन हमकदमो का........

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Precious Gift To Me

जो है , हमारे दिल में… उसे ही दोस्ती कहेंगे हम …

जैसा प्यार आपने दिया , ऐसे प्यार को अब तरसेंगे हम …

“दूरिया करती होंगी लोगो को अलग , दिल तो हमेशा साथ रहते है ,

कुछ लोग यादो में , बातों में आपके पास रहते है , ऐसे ही यादो में आपको बसाए रखेंगे हम”

जैसा प्यार आपने दिया , ऐसे प्यार को अब तरसेंगे हम

“आपसे ही सीखा प्यार निभाना , सीखा रिश्तो की अहमियत को ,

रहते हुए सपनो में जाना ज़िन्दगी की हकीक़त को ,

अब ये सबक कैसे सीखेंगे हम ”

जैसा प्यार आपने दिया , ऐसे प्यार को अब तरसेंगे हम

“कोई आपसा मिलेगा लगता नही , हर बार खुशकिस्मत कोई होता नही ,

देना चाहते है ज़माने की ख़ुशी , पर प्यार के सिवा मेरे पास कुछ भी नही ,

आपके लिए सदा दुआ करेंगे हम ”

जैसा प्यार आपने दिया , ऐसे प्यार को अब तरसेंगे हम

“वैसे जानती हु में मेरा नसीब , दूर होता है जॉब ही है मेरे करीब,

पर ऐसा कुछ कह के ना आपके दिल को दुखायेंगे हम,

इतने दिन तो साथ थे , यही सोच के मुस्कुराएंगे हम ”

जैसा प्यार आपने दिया , ऐसे प्यार को अब तरसेंगे हम

Thanks a lot Priyanka, i feel glad n lucky for ur this gesture. Luv U :)