Monday, March 14, 2011

A Pause

" Tham sa gya hai, yeh waqt jaise,
Kisi ke liye thehra ho jaise........."
Life seems to be so similar with the song playing on MP3, looking outside windowsill, everything living outside seems to be moving, flying, gazing each other, just to move, run fast, faster and prove themselves to be the fastest.
But I'm still, it's getting difficult to run time faster, I just hope it went a bit fast if not fastest.
Oh Cmmon! now, this is what you wanted, didn't you, that time stopped running and you can breath for yourself, spend quality time with everyone, which you were not able to do from last 6 months, running after your career, office, clients and this damn market. And now you are out of this, you are more frustrating yourself about what next.
Good gracious, just find out what you want exactly???????????
What do we want exactly, has anybody thought of it, why we always remain unsatisfied with what we have and why can't we take life the way it comes to us.
Yes, I have stopped for a while and I need this. It's not that I'm feeling idle instead, it's just that people around me don't feel so that I'm doing nothing, more worried about others, their thought process.
Isn't this wrong, completely it is, no second opinion required. I really have got time for myself, to just stop and think what I'm, what I want, my needs, the gaps and the loopholes, it's an opportunity to fill the same.
Just read a small article today, heading, 'the Pause', saying how much a pause is important in a conversation, speech, meeting, presentation, cross selling etc.. and the same instant i realised , how much a pause is required in your life too, it's not that you have stopped completely.It's just that you are in an interval of your fast forward life, planning to move further in faster pace with more realistic and self satisfying targets.


priyanka said...

hmmm...nice one..
actully realistic one..yupz..this pouse is realy required to know abt urself...varna tym he nahi is realy fast paced..
utilize this tym for the tym being..n try to find sumthin new abt u..:)..
kuch lynes yaad aa rhi hai..harivansh rai bachhan ki..."jindgi ki aapa dhaapi me.kab vaqt ye soch kiya, kaha, suna..socha...usme kya bhala bura..."

Raashi said...

@ priyanka
ohh gng really poetic, thanks for the comment dear and truly i'm revitalizing myself.....
Mujhe toh movie ka dialog yaad aa rha hai-" Apni daudti hui zindagi se kuch waqt nikaliye aur dhoondiye uss ehsaas ko jo aapki zindagi aur bhi special banata hai"........

Apeksha said...

hmmm..true mam after few months we vll b facing the same situation..but gud to c u and specially that u took a brk 4 urself n wrote it..liked it:-)
n both the lines also by u n pri mam..miss u lots tkcr

varun said...

H mm as i do remember you gave me the advice "Become a selfish" Give time for yourself which after this post i realised it n will follow soon and take a break for myself as well. Nice post. Keep on writing.

Raashi said...

@ apeksha,
thanks 4 d comment dear and we both miss u 2.....

Raashi said...

u surely need to take my advce seriously, thanks for the comment.....